The Birth Better Club - Digital Pack

Firstly HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy, its such a mix of emotions isn't it? One minute you can feel excited and the next it can be overwhelming and pretty scary. I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this rollercoaster of emotions hence why I am here to support you all the way alongside other women who are going through exactly the same feelings. We are going to do this as a complete team effort so you do not feel alone. 

It has been a dream of mine for few years now to design my own pogramme and offer a more virtual support which opens up hypnobirthing preparation to the whole globe at a very affordable price, even more so because I have written 'The Birth Better Club' programme in two parts so you can get a true feel of the style before commiting to the cost of the whole programme. I also have a very special launch price so keep reading and all will be revealed. 

I am here to inspire, educate and support you as much as I can and that is why you will also be invited to join the exclusive TBBC fb group so that you can ask any questions direct to myself or to the other like minded women that will be part of the community. Its a win win for all I feel and I cannot wait for you to be part of it all with us. It also means that it doesnt matter what time of day or night it is when the question, thought or anxiety pops into your head as you can post your question without directly disturbing someone and we will respond as soon as we can which can often can be within minutes in this modern day world. How cool is that! (and of course if it is of a very personal nature you can contact me privately at any time).

Within the digital pack you will be learning about what hypnobirthing is really all about, why I am so passionate about it and why it works, the history of the birthing world, modern maternity, self hypnosis, the mind and body connection, the fear-tension-pain cycle, how to promote a positive mindset, your pregnancy hormones, birth spaces, birth preference plan designs, baby love, relaxation, a breathing tool kit, affirmations, guided relaxation and a gentle fear release based around your very own secret garden and so much more (and this is only a snippet - it truly is so very fascinating and the more you learn the more you want to know so that you can make your birth story the very best it can be). 

I have purposely not fluffed this programme out, I have only included what I truy feel is needed for yourself from my personal experience and from being a hypnobirthing coach since 2013. If you have any questions before signing up please just get in touch and I will do my best to assist. Another bonus is that you can work through this programme at your own pace depending where you are in your pregnancy so it is suited to all stages of pregnancy.  

LAUNCH OFFER: £15 each (£30 paid for both separately) OR... SAVE & PAY £25 (saving £5) by purchasing the FULL PACK.

PART ONE: Digital Manual part one which can be downloaded to read or printed off - whatever your preference, Affirmations MP3, Guided Relaxation MP3, invitation to the facebook The Birth Better Club private group and I can be contacted privately to support you if needed, which is all part of the service. 

PART TWO: Digital Manual part two (as above) and the Gentle Fear Release MP3.

FULL DIGITAL PACK PROGRAMME (PARTS ONE & TWO): As above but both parts are purchased at the discounted price. 

Once purchased you will be emailed the digital manual directly and provided download access to the MP3's via Dropbox.


It is all very simple and taking things back to basics so your overwhelm is lessoned. Happy Days!