A complete antenatal programme with a fresh and modern approach to teach yourself and your birthing partner the specialised skills of self-hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and massage (alongside the theory!), for a calm and more comfortable pregnancy, labour and birth and yes a pain-free labour is truly possible!


A lot of people still have the pre-conception that this birth preparation is just for natural births, but, the classes I teach are just as much for a calm and relaxed pregnancy as it is for labour and birth.  Therefore, which ever path your birthing experience takes, you will be able to put the techniques you have learnt into practice and continue to use them post-pregnancy too.

By attending my classes and with continued practice in your own time your mind, body, partner and baby will all be very well prepared for your imminent birth.

Alongside the specialised techniques, we will also discuss: The picture of childbirth today, defining hypnosis, acknowledging pain, the physiology of birth and the impact of fear, understanding your mind and body and its connection, the impact of others, fear release, prenatal bonding, birth planning and preparations, birth partners role and much more...

Most importantly, you will find the classes enjoyable and interesting and you will learn how to take back the control of your birth, both emotionally and physically.

The techniques you will be taught are based around the philosophy that pregnancy and birth is a completely natural event and that your body is perfectly designed to do this (unless there are special circumstances). Once our bodies are in a state of pure relaxation and inevitably fear free, we start to produce our own natural pain killers "endorphins" that are estimated to be  up to 500 times more powerful than medical morphine alone and this is what we want to tap into on the big day.


Hypnobirthing and similar programmes are now producing a lot more attention from the media, medical authorities and celebrities, including; Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Nadia Sawalha, Jenny Frost, Kate Middleton and Giovanna Fletcher to name just a few...


The known benefits:
  • You and your little one will feel more relaxed during pregnancy. 

  • You will feel prepared for labour and birth, emotionally, physically and practically.

  • You will understand the physical and psychological process.

  • Preparation for the birth partner, an integral part of the birth.

  • You will feel ready to meet your baby and know what to expect immediately after birth.

  • Alleviation of fears, building confidence and belief in your ability to birth naturally (and in a more relaxed way).

  • You feel in control, awake, fresh and energized for the birth.

  • The tools learnt will enable you to birth your baby more calmly and reduce the need for medical intervention.

  • Natural pain relief, by eliminating the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome.

  • You don't run the risk of hyperventilating from shallow breathing.

  • Shortens the length of your birth.

  • Reduces the risk of pelvic floor damage.

  • Bonds you, your birthing partner and your little one.

  • Postnatal discomfort and baby blues can be greatly reduced.

  • Calmer and happier babies who feed and sleep much better.

  • The techniques used are practical, logical and based on scientific theory.



The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme  



"No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception." - Grantly Dick-Read


"We believe all women have the right to a calm, gentle birth, for herself and her baby." - The Wise Hippo 



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