Beautiful Beginning for bump, birth and beyond


Antenatal education with a difference...

Promoting positive emotions and physical wellbeing for pregnancy, labour, birth and mother life. 

Designed to inspire, educate and support you practically and emotionally by taking back the control, resolving any anxiety or fears, building confidence and ultimately becoming experts in pure relaxation. Group & Private sessions, supported by the local midwives of Northamptonshire.


"I will support you no matter what your birth choice, a homebirth, an elective caesarean, a water birth or a planned epidural.  I care that you have choices, that you make informed decisions that are right for you and are supported with these so that you have a positive story to tell". 



Founder, Proprietor & Instructor of Beautiful Beginning,

Emma-Jane Cunningham


FEDANT Registrant No. 12468 (Federation of Antenatal Educators) Bugbrooke, Northampton, Northamptonshire.












”If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labour, then someone isn’t treating her right.”

- Ina May Gaskin







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