Designed to inspire, educate and support you practically and emotionally by taking back the control, resolving any anxiety or fears, building confidence and ultimately becoming experts in pure relaxation. Group & Private sessions, supported by the local midwives of Northamptonshire.


"I will support you no matter what your birth choice, a homebirth, the birth centre, on labour ward or an elective or emergency caesarean, with or without pain relief. I care that you have choices, that you make informed decisions right for you and that you are supported with these so that you have a positive birth story". 


Founder, Proprietor & Hypnobirthing Coach, Emma-Jane Cunningham

FEDANT Registrant No. 12468 (Federation of Antenatal Educators) Bugbrooke, Northampton.












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Being pregnant is going to be one of the biggest rollercoaster rides of your life. It is a time to know your choices, understand your preferences, learn self care, mindset and relaxation techniques and become more confident whilst still being true to you.

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