A very relaxing and informative hypnobirthing workshop. With anxieties about a planned c section, I Learnt some excellent breathing and relaxation tips that will help on the big day. Thanks Emma-Jane.


Libby, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire



I really enjoyed my hypnobirthing workshop yesterday with Emma-Jane. I thought as I was over 38 weeks pregnant it was too late to do anything like this, but I found it very relaxing and learnt a lot. Can't wait for the birth of my daughter now. Feeling inspired. Thank you.


Faith, Harlestone, Northamptonshire



Emma-Jane is a wonderful hypnobirthing coach who offers her own personal time and effort to get you through the course. The sessions are non judgemental and I was able to use the techniques well in early labour, all 22 hours of it. I would recommend as it transforms any negative thinking into positives.

Debbie, Simon & Thea, Abington, Northampton

The Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing programme I attended with Beautiful Beginning enabled me to have a calm birth experience at home. The hypnobirthing course was very flexible and taught me many different techniques, so I could find and use the ones that worked best for me. I wish I had discovered hypnobirthing before.

Emma, Stuart & George, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire

I really enjoyed the hypnobirthing course and found your teaching style easy to work with.  You are clearly very passionate about hypnobirthing and this made me feel confident in the course material.  It was also really nice that you were really thoughtful about us as individuals and did lots of work behind the scenes to answer any questions we had and finding helpful contacts for us.  

Paula, Mathew & Chloe, Towcester, Northamptonshire.

I was thrilled to achieve a relatively short, calm, natural delivery with the help of hypnobirthing techniques learnt with Beautiful Beginning. I pursued hypnobirthing primarily as a means to overcome my fear of labour and secondly as a means to achieve what I thought should be a more “normal” labour experience compared to what you see on TV. I had read about it in magazines and was intrigued also.

I wasn’t disappointed and Emma-Jane was a keen listener and was willing to adapt parts of the course to suit my needs. The birthing partner script and variety of tools enabled me to plan my labour with my husband and give him a specific role to play.

With Emma-Jane’s help and the specific techniques I was able to be calm, confident, in control and trust my body. As a result I stayed at home as long as possible and managed without pain relief. If we go on to extend our family, I will definitely go back to Emma-Jane for a refresher!

Kristina, Simon and Thomas, Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Completing the hypnobirthing programme before the birth of my first baby helped relieve all my fears of child birth.

Prior to completing the course, I was nervous and felt out of control. Learning the breathing exercises relaxation and massage techniques, as well as all the education we had, helped me and my husband prepare and relieve our anxieties about labour.

I would fully recommend completing the course as it’s amazing how prepared and relaxed you feel, allowing you to fully enjoy the whole experience.

Lizzy, Johnny and Freddy, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire.

We found out about hypnobirthing quite late on in my pregnancy & weren't sure what to expect thinking it would just be a helpful tool to relax.

However, we had no idea how important hynobirthing would become to my labour. With Emma-Jane's guidance & regular practice hypnobirthing insured that I had as calm & positive birth as possible, I remained relaxed, focused, controlled & empowered throughout my labour with no intervention. Hypnobirthing also helped prepare my partner for my labour & made him feel more involved as he knew how to support me.

Furthermore our baby is very chilled out no doubt due to my relaxed state.  I would recommend it to everyone.

Charlotte, Richard and Daisy, Blisworth, Northamptonshire.

After we participated in Emma-Jane's hypnobirthing sessions during my pregnancy, I felt much more calm and relaxed about my impending labour and birth. In the end my labour did not go totally smoothly and my baby son was born through emergency c-section but the calming techniques I had learned with Emma-Jane really helped me have the confidence to happily accept the sudden changes to our plans.

Because I was more relaxed at the start, I still had a positive labour and birth experience which I now look back on happily and with no regrets. If you are at all nervous about your impending labour and birth I would really recommend the course as it gently empowers you to accept and even look forward to your birthing experience! 

Emma-Jane was also a good teacher in that she was friendly, calm and approachable and made us feel very much at home during the sessions.

Caroline, Graham & Lewis, Abington, Northampton.

I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I found hypnobirthing not only did it keep me calm and relaxed making me able to breathe through my surges with ease (and with a tightening and pressure feeling NOT pain), but, it also kept me chilled when the birth needed medical intervention.

Looking back this has helped with my recovery and and also having a very contented baby.

So thank you Emma-Jane, I couldn't have done it without you.

Abbigail, Richard and Jack, Duston, Northamptonshire.

The techniques Emma-Jane taught us throughtout the hypnobirthing course were effective enough to enable us to have our 3rd daughter at home with no pain relief. 

My husband was a huge support to me during the birth and using the hypnobirthing methods taught, kept me calm and centred throughout.  The breathing and relaxation techniques taught by Emma-Jane were particularly helpful.  I opted for a water birth at home and am so glad that I did.  The feeling of weightlessness and the comfort of the warm water eliminated the need for gas and air that I had during my two previous births. 

Thanks to Emma-Jane and hypnobirthing, Poppy May entered the world weighing 7lb 15oz in under 3 hours in the most serene of circumstances.

If you are considering the course, stop considering and start learning.

Annabel & Matt and Poppy, Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire.

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