I have three sons that have all been birthed at home in water, James, Thomas & Benjamin.  

I will be honest, for me, although I "dabbled" with a Hypnobirthing CD second time round, because I new what was coming (with practice time being very limited - I was lazy!), my labour and birth was still excruciating, lengthy and very scary.  To be honest the pure relief I felt when both of my little men finally arrived was absolutely immense, but, as every mummy says, they were worth every minute of what I went through to finally hold them and have that cuddle.  


 With all this in mind, when we happily fell pregnant with our youngest little one my thoughts went straight back to the desire of wanting a calm pregnancy and birth, but, this time it was going to be different. I was determined to attend official classes, where I would be taught face to face with an experienced instructor that I trusted and who I new would support me, answer my many questions and most importantly teach me how to make it happen. This way, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice and shy away from my precious relaxation and practice time and I truly Wished, Hoped and Dreamed of my very own perfect birth and I was determined it was going to be third time lucky!   


A close friend of ours had used this birth preparation prior, through meticulous research and much deliberation. They both found it unbelievably worth while, so much so, that when she gave birth second time round only her husband was present, not even realising she was ready to give birth.

My midwife was also very supportive of the method as her daughter had used a local Instructor and she had witnessed a true pain free birth.  All that her daughter experienced was just the feeling of pressure as she birthed her little boy and this is a lovely young lady (just like her mum) that would be nearly in tears from just stubbing her toe! 

My experience third time round was so very different, this time I didn't even realise that our little man was ready to meet us.  The home midwives just popped in on the off chance as they were in the area and when I was examined I was already 7 cm dilated, unbelievable!  The birth was only a fraction of the time in comparison and I was only in the water for twenty minutes before Benjamin Oliver was born and this is the point when my husband decided to jump in the pool fully dressed and join us, absolutely unforgettable!



My Story, Emma-Jane Cunningham 

I was in control at all times, my surges were only very mild period aches (unless I lost focus!) and overall I can honestly say that I only had approximately 10 minutes of pain throughout the whole birthing experience.  Benjamin's birth was only 3.5 hours long (which is another benefit of this birth preparation) as my previous two births were approx. 20 hrs and 6-7 hrs in total.  My experience third time round was truly unbelievable and why I am now so passionate about the use of this preparation for all expectant women.

My husband has always been very supportive throughout all my pregnancies and births, but, to this day, he can still not believe the difference in our birth experiences and highly recommends the classes to any one that will listen, he is a true advocate. 

My only regret is that I didn't use it first time round, but, I always said to my friends and family that if it truly worked, I would train to become a qualified Instructor, hence, why you are now reading my website and why I can't wait to meet you and your birthing partner to help you all the way through your pregnancy and your Beautiful Beginning with your baby... I am so passionate about what I do and I will support you, your birthing partner and your baby to have the best possible pregnancy and birthing experience.

Trained & Certified by the HypnoBirthing® Institute & The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme (Certificates available on request).

Additional Qualifications: CoE Mindfulness Diploma (Certificate available on request).

Maternity Support Worker @ Northampton General Hospital (NHS Care Certificate qualified).

FEDANT registered 12468 (Federation of Antenatal Educators)

The author to the Positive Pregnancy Planner handbook. 

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