My First Blog - The Perfect Birth...

What springs to mind when you think of the perfect birth?

Of course there are elements of wanting it to be as comfortable, calm and relaxed as possible, but, the perfect birth really is far more than this surely?

Maybe you want to feel fear free, be confident and in control, feel ready and prepared to meet your little one and ultimately want to have the "best possible birth" on the day for both you and your baby...

The perfect birth is not about the midwifes, obstetricians, healthcare workers, family, friends or us as Hypnobirthing Instructors, to be honest all it is about is you, your birthing partner and your baby. Having the voice to say how you feel and having the opportunity to make those informed decisions that you are both comfortable and confidant with is all that truly matters.

People worry that they may be led down the path of disappointment if they complete their Hypnobirthing classes and find that on the day they needed medical intervention of some kind. Nature is very clever and a woman’s body is even more so, especially when you start to understand how it is designed to nurture baby from origin, right through to birth. Occasionally, we do need a little assistance and that is just fine, as long as you felt those decisions were justified and of course we are very fortunate that within the UK we have such supportive care when nature needs a little helping hand.

You don’t want to hold any regrets after the birth of your little one, but, if your gut instinct is telling you one thing and others telling you another, it can be very difficult, but, sometimes you just need to follow your intuition. Of course, this is not to say that you do not listen to medical guidance when it is provided, we have to be sensible, you just need to know that you are a part of the decision making where ever possible.

Obviously nothing in life is guaranteed, but, if you wish, hope, dream and plant the seeds, you can soon start to blossom, bloom and truly flourish. No matter what root your birth takes, I can promise that the Hypnobirthing concept supports you both emotionally and physically for pregnancy, birth and beyond and ultimately for you to have your very own perfect birth, whatever that may be.

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