I truly and honestly hate “Hypnobirthing”...

Now, this coming from a VERY passionate Hypnobirthing Instructor may sound a little odd, even crazy!

But, I really mean it. I literally HATE the word! So why do I so passionately hate it so much?

The word hypnobirthing conjures up so many different images in both a male and female mind.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I feel embarrassed to say as I often get “the look”, “oh, she is one of them” types of looks or the “what is that”? question. So many have a misconception of what it truly is. Alternatively, they have absolutely NO idea of what it is (which still amazes me!), but, I do feel the name has a HUGE part to play with this which is why I am writing this blog to you now.

When you look up the definition of “Hypno” it relates to sleep and hypnosis.

In both my personal and professional experience I do not feel this truly reflects what the pregnancy preparation is all about. The idea of hypnosis makes people feel like you are not in control. This is 100% incorrect. You are always in control, whilst benefiting from being in a nice relaxing place.

People have an image in their minds of joss sticks, chanting and birthing in the words, whilst my BB classes couldn’t be further from this and are all about the much needed C’s:


Chit chat,

Chill time,

Cakes (or Chocolate – we are not fussy!).

It’s basically time out from everyday hectic life to actually think about YOU and YOUR little one.

I want to take the hypno out of hypnobirthing and bring it back to what it is all about...

CALM. CONFINDENT. FEARLESS BIRTH = POSITIVE Birth Experience, no matter how you birth.

So what I teach in basic terms is all about turning the anxiety’s you hold about birth into excitement.

Firstly, who wouldn’t want to feel excited, informed and ready to do this?

Secondly, would you complete a triathlon without any prep work?

NO WAY... so why would you do that for your pregnancy, labour, birth and mother life.

Focus on you (and your baby) rather than the name that doesnt mean what it says on the tin.

With the right preparation you can achieve anything that you put your beautiful mind and body too.

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