Busting the myths of Hypnobirthing...

I know when I first looked into hypnobirthing when I was pregnant it was renowned as being a bit “out there” and only for the “hippies” within us. I am sure you have heard the same or similar.

Once I started to do a bit more research (and by research I mean using Google and asking friends and my midwife!), I became intrigued and I knew I had to find out more, if honest, I literally HAD to find out more, I was desperate for a magic wand that would make everything feel better emotionally and physically.

I was scared, NO that’s a lie, I was bl@@dy petrified of going through labour again.

I needed something, anything, to help me get through my pregnancy and birth so I didn’t have the anxiety looming over me throughout the whole of my pregnancy, I literally needed a fairy godmother.

At this point many would just say, “Well if you are that scared just take the drugs then you won’t feel the pain”, but, I am a born worrier and I don’t like taking medication full stop. I would rather get through whatever it is I am experiencing naturally and without the risk of side effects from medication.

Hence, when the discussion of having an elective caesarean section came up with my husband that was a blunt NO, as I felt just as scared of that as I did of natural labour.

Does any of this sound familiar at all to you?

Do you, or have you felt the same?

What is holding you back from finding out more about how hypnobirthing or more specifically how The Wise Hippo can support you, your little one and your birth partner during this life changing time?

Maybe it is what you have heard on the grape vine, hopefully this will put your mind at rest...

MYTH 1: It is for hippies only. No, it’s for anyone that wants to use it.

MYTH 2: Only certain people are susceptible to hypnosis. No, we all naturally go in and out of self hypnosis day in day out i.e. Daydreaming, driving autopilot, engrossed in a good book etc.

MYTH 3: It's only for natural labour and birth. No, it supports ALL birth choices.

MYTH 4: You are not able to use any pain relief during labour and birth. No, you choose what is right for you on the day, if you need pain relief you ask for it. You may not find you need to, but, knowing you have that control is important. You must do what is right for you and nobody knows that but you.

MYTH 5: It's only for home births. No, it is for all birth locations.

MYTH 6: Someone else controls you. No, you are always in control.

MYTH 7: The midwives will think you are weird. No, it is starting to become more common practice and some NHS trusts offer this as part of the antenatal classes, how fabulous is that.

MYTH 8: It's only benefit is that it provides you with natural pain relief. No, it's about feeling calm, in control and confident throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and mummy life, the additional benefit of natural pain relief is the sprinkles on top of the yummy cake.

MYTH 9: The tools and techniques are purely for labour and birth. No, they are lifelong skills that can be used for day to day living, from pregnancy through to mummy life.

MYTH 10: It’s only for young mums-to-be. No, it's for anyone of any age who is pregnant.

MYTH 11: You have to start the class at a certain time during your pregnancy. No, it is never too late to start, although if you like time to practice it's good to start the ball rolling after your first 12 week scan.

MYTH 12: If my birth plan changes it won’t support me. No, no matter what type of birth you have on the day, I promise what you learn with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme will support you. You can utilise the tools, techniques and knowledge no matter what path your labour and birth takes.

I told everyone that if it truly helped me I would become an instructor and with it only being used with my third I knew I would know that answer. Hence, why I have now been teaching for over 4 years and why I am so very passionate about supporting women that feel just as scared as I did. I get it, I truly do.

It totally and utterly works, all you need to do is believe in yourself and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

You will then be setting yourself up for your very best possible pregnancy, labour, birth and mother life.

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